backpack types - different kinds for different types of trips backpack types - different kinds for different types of trips

Amazing Different Backpack Types

backpack types

There are different backpacks for different kinds of trips. Depending upon the terrain you are traveling to or the number of items you need to fit into your backpack, you can choose your bag. Here is a list of the different backpack types that you can choose from.

Different Backpack Types
Different Backpack Types

Different Backpack Types


This kind of backpack is suitable for a short day trip and hence is quite small. It is perfect for a long day hiking tour. Such bags have smaller pockets or slots to contain your daily essentials like a body lotion, hairbrush, sunscreen, napkin, bottle and a few snacks.

Overnight Backpack

An overnight backpack are big enough to hold personal items one may need for a night stay outside your house. It should be spacious enough to contain your clothing for an overnight trip. It looks just the same as a backpack, but is slightly bigger in size and may have more slots or pockets.

Hiking Backpack

If you are planning a full-day hiking trip, you will need a lot of essentials to carry along. Such bags have lots of pockets, lash-on points, hip belt, loops and more. These bags are made in such a way that you can stuff in all items for safety, food, hygiene and other essentials.

Climbing Backpack

If you need a backpack for a climbing trip, it should have a harness, rack, rope, helmet and shoes. You should be able to keep it quite close to your body. It is also called as a Crag backpack or a mountaineering backpack.

Different Backpack Types for Different Terrains
Different Backpack Types for Different Terrains

Cycling Backpack

A cycling backpack should be comfortable enough to keep on your back while commuting by your bike for long distances. It should not only feel comfortable on your back, but should also have a lot of compartments and pockets for containing your essentials.

Snowsports Backpack

A backpack for snow sports and adventures is different than the regular backpacks. This one is weather-resistant and has larger compartments to hold snow boots or skis. Some can even hold snowboards. It is important to choose a Snowsports backpack that fits snugly on your back without limiting your movements. These bags also have lash-on points or airbags to increase survivability in case of sudden avalanches or landslides.

Work Backpack

As the name suggests, these are big enough to hold your tablets or laptops easily. You can place  your extra pair of work clothes, chargers, files and some books and stationary.

Travel Backpack

This kind of backpack is designed for traveling. It is not the same as hiking or camping backpacks, as you can only keep your clothes, lingerie and toiletries. It can be used just like a suitcase and the only difference is that it can be worn on the shoulders. Such bags have a lot of zippered compartments where you can keep your stuff.

These are some of the basic different backpack types for different kinds of outdoor adventures and travel. All the bags have different purposes and slightly different makes to make them perfect for the occasion. The fabric, closure, and size depending upon the occasion as well.

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