Backpacking Around the UK – Top Tips for Budget Backpackers

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Budget Backpackers accommodation is popular with young adults going on short holiday trips to Edinburgh. Edinburgh is a very big city and with so many activities, festivals and attractions young people often have nowhere to stay while they are there. They would much rather stay in one of the cheap self catering apartments or budget hotels where they can eat out every day and enjoy the city’s sights and sounds. This article will discuss the facilities that are available at Edinburgh Castle, The Common, and at other locations throughout the city. Many of these locations are owned by the royal family.

Tips for Backpacking Around UK

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If you are travelling to Edinburgh this summer for a weekend of sport or sight seeing you will want to make sure that you have a comfortable place to stay and budget backpackers accommodation is the ideal choice. Budget backpackers can stay at a number of different places including The Common, located close to the Castle, The Tower of Knowledge and at the University of Edinburgh’s Botanic Gardens. Budget backpackers can also choose to stay in twin rooms or multi-person dorms at university accommodation. This city has a number of great attractions and places to go. Many events occur at the weekends including stag weekends, Edinburgh Castle Open Day, Edinburgh Horse Show, and more.

The best way to travel around Edinburgh is by public transport as it is much cheaper then taking taxis and bus fares. You will also find that the city is very accessible by bike if you love cycling. One good thing about Edinburgh is that they don’t spend a lot on advertising as it’s not a popular tourist destination. The main attraction to this city is its castle which attracts many visitors especially students from other countries.

If you are travelling from further afield there are two main ways to get around Edinburgh. The first is by using the tram system which starts and finishes in Central Station. The other is by using the local bus service which goes all throughout the city. A great way to travel around the city is by bus as it allows you to walk around and discover the city at your own pace. You will find that the journey is very cheap as the journey is just one way. Another good thing about using buses and trams is that they run throughout the night and offer a very good nightlife experience in Edinburgh.

For budget backpackers, world nomads and backpackers coming from other countries visiting Edinburgh, bus travel is the most convenient and cheapest way of travelling around the city. However, there are bus routes which go directly from central London to the heart of Edinburgh, providing visitors with a wonderful view of the capital. On the other hand, walking from central London to the South West is a must do for all visitors. You can visit some beautiful medieval towns such as Inverness and Argyll before visiting the modern cities of Edinburgh, London and Cardiff.

Hiking is a great way of travelling especially if you are travelling from rural areas to urban areas. There are many hiking routes around the country which you can take according to your time availability. If you have never gone hiking before then you should consider hitchhiking as it is a great way of exploring the country. hitchhiking backpackers groups will provide you with information about places you should not go hiking and places you should go to explore.

Dumpster diving is a great way of travelling by foot or by bicycle. You will need to be aware of some local rules before embarking on this adventure as they can differ greatly from country to country. Edinburgh residents have very strict rules about dumpster diving so you need to be very careful when embarking on this adventure. It is recommended that you carry a first aid kit as well as a map of Edinburgh. Other backpacking tips include carrying a phone, a water filter, binoculars and anything else that could possibly help you out while you are travelling.

End Note

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Once you have reached your destination you will need to make your way back to the campsite. One of the most popular ways to travel around Edinburgh is by bike. Bicycles are extremely popular because Edinburgh is well connected by the canal network making it easy for visitors to get around Edinburgh by bike. If you are a complete beginner then you should cycle on the road, as there are cycle stands dotted around the city. If you want to cycle on the canal then you should pay a visit to the Post-Journey phase in your hostels as they usually have a designated cycle lane. Once you reach the end of your journey, you can either retire for the night and cook up some food at one of the restaurants in Edinburgh or enjoy the panini and beer at a cafe.

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