Best Backpack Diaper Bags

best diaper backpack bags

Going out with your baby can involve packing half the house because you never know what you’ll need. Having a functional and spacious diaper bag is key. But being able to carry that bag without getting a sore back is also important. That’s why backpack diaper bags are so popular.

Backpack diaper bags also let you carry your baby gear while keeping both hands free, which is pretty cool.

Keep in mind that not all backpack diaper bags are created equal, and not every single one will suit your wants and needs. That’s why, based on the opinions of 11,000 Pampers Parents, we’ve compiled a list of the top backpack diaper bags in specific categories (such as trendy and sporty) to help you decide which one is the best for you.

What to Consider When Choosing a Backpack Diaper Bag

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When deciding which backpack diaper bag is the right one for you, consider these kinds of features and aspects:


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Choose a backpack diaper bag with reinforced seams. This will help the bag last longer and hold its own after multiple washings. Just make sure the material is machine washable first!

Stress points on the bag, such as around the shoulder straps, should have rivets or reinforced sewing. The hardware should be heavy-duty plastic or metal. Zippers with large teeth and pull tabs are easier to use, especially if you only have one hand free.


With tote or messenger-style diaper bags, all the weight is placed on one side of your body when you carry it. One of the best benefits of a backpack diaper bag is that it more evenly distributes the weight you’re carrying. Many backpack diaper bags come with additional padding on the back panel and shoulder straps for extra comfort.

Look for a bag that has adjustable straps. This helps make it possible for two different sized parents to use the bag. You’ll just have to remember to adjust the straps to your body when putting it on.


This is an important factor, because a filled backpack diaper bag can soon feel quite heavy even when worn on your back. Check how much the diaper bag itself weighs. You might like to go for one of the lighter options if you plan on carrying the bag for longer periods.


How much you’re willing to pay for a diaper bag is a personal choice. You can get a very good bag for under $30, like the havola diaper bag. The more affordable backpack diaper bags can look just as fashionable as the designer ones, and sometimes have better features.

A Word On Stroller Straps

Some of the diaper bags on this list have been designed with stroller loops or straps that can be hung from stroller handlebars. However, when the bag is heavy, it can cause the stroller to tip backward, endangering your baby.

Check with your stroller’s manufacturer whether the handlebar can bear the weight of a diaper bag if you do decide to use stroller straps. Ideally, when you’re not holding or wearing your backpack diaper bag, it’s best to keep it in the basket that’s under the stroller.

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