Essential Backpacking Gear – Your Backpacking Checklist

essential backpacking gear

If you love backpacking, then you know that your essential backpacking gear is one of the most important things you have to bring on a backpack trip. You will probably have to check your gear before you leave because once you are out in the wild, nature can take its course and let you down. So, what do you need? The following list of must-haves will help you pack light, keep warm and protect yourself while you are on a backpack trip.

Breathable Synthetic Fabrics

Lightweight, durable nylon or synthetic blends are usually best made from breathable synthetic fabrics like Dacron or Spandex. Try to get a backpack with a properly constructed suspension system, too. Let’s face it: for comfortable sleep and peace of mind during your day, you really want the essential backpacking gear to make sure you survive the night without developing any molds or freezing to death.

I am all for being able to pack less, so long as I can pack enough. That means packing no more than the minimal amount of essential backpacking gear necessary for your travel style. For example, if you plan on going solo, then don’t take more than two basic items that you really need. It is not necessary to take flashlights, for example. Most people who backpack in the woods or other wild areas do not carry flashlights because they are for emergency use only.

Extra Batteries

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Take two USB devices and some extra batteries if you think you might need them. That way, you have some ways to charge up your gadgets when you aren’t near a power outlet. You may want to consider having an additional pocket to keep small items such as cell phones, mp3 players, and other portable electronics. This is particularly important if you are backpacking with a small portable laptop computer. Other items to consider packing with your backpacking packing list are toiletries, sunscreen, and some special medication. You may need to carry prescription medication, so make sure to include this as well.

Room For Your Travel Clothes

When choosing your backpack, it is important to choose one that has enough room for your travel clothes, some leisure time, and possibly a few days’ worth of food and equipment. If you will be carrying your tent, your choice of a pack should take care of that, too. A medium-sized backpack that has enough room for your clothes, toys, and all the other stuff you may need is ideal. Don’t forget to include plenty of storage room for your other items. Whether it is a big or small bag, you should have at least some compartments for smaller items and an external pocket for larger ones. Having plenty of compartments also helps keep your backpack clean and organized.

Final Words

Having all of your bases covered when it comes to packing for a wilderness adventure is the best way to go. Don’t forget to include a first aid kit, a map, and any other personal items that you think you may need. Always make sure that you pack enough food and water to last for the duration of your trip. If you know there will be bad weather or that the weather will change rapidly, pack some light clothes to put on quickly if the weather turns bad. Your backpacking checklist will not be complete without a good sleeping bag, as this is an essential part in your backpacking gear. Make sure that the bag you choose has all of the compartments that are needed to store your clothes and other items, and then tuck in your sleeping bag so that it is comfortable and warm.

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