Essentials for backpack - list of items you must have in your backpack Essentials for backpack - list of items you must have in your backpack

5 Most Essentials For Backpack Camping

Essentials for backpack

A backpack camping trip can be loads of fun especially if you are an adventure freak. To make your trip as comfortable and convenient, we have compiled a list of 5 most essential items you must carry. Make your backpack trip interesting and safe with these essentials for backpack camping.

Essentials for Backpack Camping
Essentials for Backpack Camping

Essentials For Backpack Camping


A good backpack not only makes  your trip comfortable, it also becomes your all-purpose travel bag that is as light in weight as possible and yet has all the essential items that you might need. Ensure that you choose a good backpack that has comfortable straps which do not feel tight on your shoulders. Also, choose a backpack that is very spacious, weather-resistant and has many different compartments to keep your items segregated.

Tent or Tarp

If you are planning to stay in a tent or a tarp, you need to check and test it before buying. Check whether it is light-in-weight to carry. It should also be spacious enough to contain you full-length. A good camping tent is also easy to assemble. Some people just use their tents to sleep without carrying any sleeping bag. In that case, you need to have a separate tarp to lie down and a sheet to cover yourself while sleeping.

Sleeping Bag

If you like to sleep enclosed in a sleeping bag, you need to get a good branded one that not only contains your full-length, but also provides some space for you to shift sides in your sleep. It should be insulated to keep you warm in cold climate as well. The zipper should be comfortable to open and close in case you need to use the loo at night.

Backpack Essentials
Backpack Essentials

Camp Stove and Lighter

You will need a stove and a lighter to heat up your food while camping. You may also need to heat water in case it is very cold. A travel-friendly camp stove is a backpacking essential that you must have. Check the size and carry accordingly. Also take a lighter as it not wise to rely on a match box always.


You cannot travel without food! Ensure that you take ample amount of food along with you including instant noodles, soups, canned food and dry snacks. Protein bars, energy drinks and other such beverages are also a must.

Water Bottle and Water Purification System

Regardless of how much water you carry, you will always run short of it. So, it is better to carry a portable water protection system that enables you to purify whatever water is available at the site where you are camping. This will help you avoid drinking contaminated water and also ensure that you keep your system well-hydrated at all times.


A headlamp is an essential backpack camping item that is often forgotten or ignored. Remember, you will be spending nights in absolute dark and there may be a scare of wild animals wherever you are camping. A headlamp is a hands-free device that gives you visibility in the dark and enables you to take action in case of sudden attacks.

Sun Protection

Camping in the wild means spending long hours hiking or biking in the outdoors. If the sun is scorching and you do not want to miss on your outdoor fun, the best way is to use some sun protection that will protect your skin from sun burn.

These are some of the essentials for backpack camping that you must take if you are planning a trip anytime soon.

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